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Kitchen and pretend food and dishes

Open Door: You are invited and welcome to visit Home Away from Home at anytime your children are present. You are asked to avoid nap time as much as possible. Please knock first. Parents are also free to call Home Away from Home at anytime. If I do not answer , please leave a message and we will call you back when we have a free moment.



Toilet Learning

I will assist you in toilet training your child with the understanding that it will be successful only if we work together. I will use cotton underwear supplied by parents. Parents provide the pull ups. Send your child only in easy on/easy off clothing until they are able to completely undress and dress themselves. I suggest you bring 5 complete changes of clothing during toilet training. I do not launder soiled items and will send them home in a plastic bag. Please replace any clothing sent home the next day. This would be greatly appreciated.



Holidays and Birthdays

I honor major holidays and all children's birthdays. If you would like to bring a special treat for the children, please let us know ahead of time. You are more than welcome to participate in any activities we have planned.


Children in our program will be encouraged to verbalize their feeling when in a conflict. Younger children such infants and toddlers will be redirected to other activities. Older children will be given time out away from the other children. ( I will use 1 minute per the age of the child.) The role of the adult is to be the helper and guide the child in a positive manner rather then punish. Children whose behavior endangers others with be closely supervised by the staff and given an activity to keep them busy. No child will be humiliated , shamed, frightened or subjected to physical punishment even with parental permission. I will not withhold meals or snacks from a child as a punishment. No child will be punished for toilet training accidents.




We provide nutritionally balanced meals and snacks for your child. Please do not send any food or drink with your child unless the meal or snack time has passed. Please see the menu that has the time description of what is being served. Meals and snacks are served family style. Children are encouraged to use this time to share their experiences with each other. Manners are taught, and practiced during this time as well. Please list on the medical report any food allergies you child may have. If you child needs a special diet, the parent must provide these foods.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

The toys that are put in the children's mouth will be sanitized during nap or at the end of each day. All Cots, mattresses and hard surfaces will be sprayed with bleach at the end of each day. Changing tables will be sanitized with bleach after every diaper change. Cot sheets will be washed once a week. Crib sheets and bibs will be washed weekly.

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