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Enrollment Requirements

Before enrolling your child in Home Away From Home Daycare there are several things you must do. Read and become familiar with the policies. You will be required to sign a form that indicates you have you read, understood, and agree to all the policies that were outlined. A copy of the child's immunization record must be on file. Please be sure to give updated record as they get older otherwise your child can not attended if he/she does not have a current record on file.

All appropriate forms must be filled out and on file prior to admission. All necessary forms/consents will be given to you in you in an admission package. Please bring in all supplies your child needs on their first day. You may bring them ahead of time if you so wish.

Payment Procedures

The rates are as follows:

Full Time: Infant/Toddler $150 a week

Parents are required to bring diapers and wipes

2's $150 a week Parents are required to bring pull ups

3's,4's, and 5's $140 a week

3 Days a week:

Infants/toddler $120

2's $120

3's,4's and 5's $115

Drop In: $50 a day for any age


Late Fee: $15 per 15 minutes a day unless prearranged $10 per hour with approval from Christine.

Late Payment Fee: $10 per day that payment is not received

Returned Check Fee $25

Enrollment Fee: $85 per Family(Non Refundable)


Full Time: 4 or 5 days a week or more then 5 hours a day

Part Time: 3 days a week or less then 5 hours a day

Drop In: Does not have any contracted days only needs care occasionally.

Sick/Vacation Days: In the event that your child is ill and needs to miss a day please call before arrival time. If your child has an extended illness, a discount may be arranged to hold the position at our discretion. If you are taking vacation and your child will not be attending for a week or more you will be charged 50% to hold your position . If I get exposed to or test positive to COVID  or any virus variant  you are charged 50% to hold your spot.


5615 W US 40 HWY

Blue Springs, MO 64015

Phone: 816-988-7943 or

Cell phone 816-419-4972


If you have any questions please give us a call and we'll be happy to answer them. 

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